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Thursday, August 20, 2009

What the Armed Bohemian is Not

The Armed Bohemian is not a sheepdog.
His interests may support the survivability of the population, or of his people/tribe, but he is not a scruffy, domesticated (dumbed down) wolf overlooking a flock of sheep.
Better should be demanded of a populace than sheepdom. Sheep are not worth protecting, they are worth shearing, and eating.
And a populace, when calling for protectors, should equally demand better than domesticity, and the soft belly of handouts.

The entire concept of protectors - Police, Military, Armed Citizens - being sheepdogs is flawed. It requires the essential assumption that most of the populace are gentle, dim witted, grass eaters who “could only hurt one another by accident”.
The other required assumption is that the best, the strongest, the bravest a society can offer is a domesticated, hand-fed, in-bred beast that's been removed from proper evolutionary functioning. A domesticated “dog”, against the “wolves”.
This being a sheepdog business is an attitude much loved by many in law enforcement, the military and the armed citizen community. What does it say about these people that they think so little of humanity? It's a horribly elitist attitude. And what more does it say that their elitism deifies itself as another weaker animal? Nothing good.

Sheep. Sheepdogs. Feh.

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